An Assessment of Flood Risk Perception and Response in Jalingo Metropolis, Taraba State, Nigeria

  • E. D. Oruonye
Keywords: Assessment, Flood, Perception, Response, Risk


Flooding is now an annual occurring event in Jalingo metropolis especially after heavy rainstorm which is further worsened by the nature of topography of the area. The study area consist of undulating plain interrupted in places by low rising hills as well as poor/inadequate drainage network. The knowledge of the public flood risk perception is considered a crucial aspect in modern flood risk management as it steers the development of effective and efficient flood mitigation strategies. This study examines the level of individual flood risk perception and behavioral response in Jalingo Metropolis. The survey design method was employed in this study. This involves interviewing people living in the study area using structured questionnaires. 252 respondents were randomly selected from three of the most affected areas in the Metropolis. These include Mallam Gabdo, Mafindi and Low cost areas. In each ward/unit, 84 structured questionnaires were administered. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The result of the findings shows that 23.7% of the respondents were aware that the area was prone to flooding, while 76.3% were not aware. Also about 67.6% of the respondents said that they have evacuated their houses and shops to flooding in the area while 32.4% have never evacuated their houses or shops to flood problems in the area. This study recommends the need to educate the people living in the flood plain on the dangers of continuous occupation of the area.