Tectono-Hydrological Study of Akure Metropolis, Southwestern Nigeria

  • A. Y.B. Anifowose
  • F. Kolawole
Keywords: Basement Complex, Fractures, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Tectonism.


An integrated approach was applied in studying the tectonics and their hydrological implications in Akure metropolis, using remote sensing, structures and secondary geophysical information. Structural geological information was extracted from Landsat ETM+ imagery covering Akure area. Since the study area is densely built-up, a systematic approach was employed in delineating the fractures which are characteristic of the underlying Basement Complex geology. Based on the fact that drainage system on such terrain is structurally controlled, the lineament trends on the few rock outcrops observable on satellite imagery were correlated with the trends of rivers draining the area. Results highlight specific fracture pattern that is most probable for hydrogeological exploration. The influence of tectonism in defining the basement aquifers underlying the study area as well as their implications for hydrological hazards were also underscored.

The methodology adopted in this study may be used for hydrogeological exploration in urban areas underlain by Basement rocks in view of the challenge encountered in lineament detection in built-up areas.